Art Exhibition "Between space and land"

Saturday, October 5 at 5 pm in Cecina, in the halls of the Municipal Exhibition Center, in Guerrazzi Square, the exhibition "Between space and land" by the Florentine master Giampiero Poggiali Berlinghieri opens.

Around fifty works will be exhibited until November 10th, which will retrace some of the artist's main creative stages.
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The exhibition, presented by the Municipality of Cecina and organized by the ACS Art Center in collaboration with the Aruspicina Association, will see an incredible body of pictorial and sculptural creations based on Poggiali's vast range of work, which is surprising for the impact of its works, driven by a chromatic propulsion that outlines shapes that are never banal and rich in creativity and inspiration. Didactic panels and a documentary film on the artist will be included, as well as numerous interactive works. Poggiali's works range from animal, vegetable, mechanical, electronic, futuristic and science fiction forms to a perfect mix that unites and binds in a surprising way the often opposite theme of "art and science". It is precisely from the curious vision that the artist imprints in his works that one can hide spatial splits imbued with terrestrial forms, wonderful testimonies of an ironic and composed fantasy, in which craftsmanship and technology blend together in a great horizon of often recycled materials who take on unprecedented poetic outlines. Poggiali's work is enormous, an artist with many exhibitions, exhibitions, public installations and publications behind him. To his installations he has dedicated and edited a Pierre Restany catalog, founder of the Nouveau Réalisme; he has his self-portrait exposed at the Uffizi Gallery; even four degree theses were written on the work of master Poggiali and in 2013 the Academy of Fine Arts "Michelangelo" of Agrigento awarded him the "honoris causa" degree. The artist, always in love with painting and futurism, continues to investigate in the world of art with a playful and conscious research, in continuous transformation and with a constant uniqueness that distinguishes it.

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