PAESAGGI DI VINI:trekking-tasting in wine cellar

Paesaggi di Vini is an experience of rediscovering Tuscan nature in the Autumn, its history, and the authentic flavors of the divine nectars that characterize it.
The excursion will take place on 01/11 at Casale Marittimo, it will start at 2.45 pm and it will end at 6.00 pm.
🍂🍇 In the sweet autumn landscapes of the Casale Marittimo vineyards.
Discovering Etruscan traces and views towards the sea of poetic serenity.
🍷🥪 Until the visit to the wine cellar and the tasting of the wines of the Pia Pagani De Marchi farm.
🔝 Challenging since 1996 the barren lands of this piece of land Pia, a headstrong woman, has transformed them with patience and determination into an oasis that produces a divine nectar!

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