What is SUP?
Stand up paddle, or SUP, is a variant of the surf in which you stand on a board with greater volume to support the weight of the athlete and use a special paddle to paddle. This sport has had a considerable growth in recent years worldwide, with many practitioners also in Italy. Just paddling on a SUP board, cruising along the coast, for pleasure, is quite fun and rewarding, also considering the fact that from a fitness point of view it is a complete and relaxing activity. The upright position on the table allows you not to get wet and to admire under the surface of the sea as if you were looking through a glass plate, in optimal light conditions it is in fact possible to see underwater life as in an aquarium.
Excurtion alond the coast of Cecina
The Nature Reserve of Tombolo in Cecina  has 15 km of Mediterranean scrub and sand dunes.
In the frame of this splendid seaside resort on the Tuscan coast, you have the possibility to make a navigation along the beach to be able to admire from the sea all its size and the wild view it offers, up to the mouth of the river Cecina.
Very easy hike to do in the low season (spring, autumn, or winter) just to enjoy the view in its natural beauty.
Duration of the excursion about three hours with the possibility of stopping.

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